Colin Kaepernick Says He’s ‘Still Ready’ To Play After People Call On The Bengals To Sign Him Following Joe Burrow’s Injury

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Colin Kaepernick still wants to play in the NFL.

On Monday morning, Kaepernick started trending on social media after people called on the Bengals to sign him following Joe Burrow’s season-ending injury.

Kaepernick seemed to respond to his name trending on Twitter by releasing a video stating that he’s “still ready” to play.

Unfortunately, it’s probably unlikely that the Bengals will sign him considering team owner Mike Brown is not a big fan of anthem kneeling.

Via Pro Football Talk

When it comes to one specific type of conduct that is neither illegal nor a violation of any applicable rule or provision of the relationship between the NFL and its players, that could be where Bengals owner Mike Brown draws the line.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Brown personally met with Reid when Reid visited the Bengals on Monday. Brown, according to the source, initiated discussion regarding the issue of kneeling during the anthem. The conversation almost exclusively centered on the topic, with Brown explaining that he intends to prohibit it — and with Brown at one point asking Reid for his response.

Update The Bengals have signed practice squad player Brandon Allen to be their backup QB.