Will Johnny Manziel’s Girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, Be The Reason He Winds Up Back In Rehab?

You would think that Johnny Manziel’s recent release from rehab after a two-month stay would mean that he’s finally “out of the woods.” Sure he’s not exactly on the best terms with the Browns, but he’ll reportedly be able to participate in their offseason workouts beginning April 20th so maybe, just maybe, he’s finally got his train going down the right track.

The key word there, however, is “maybe,” because if the Internet is the predictor of anything (which it is, sometimes) it means that Johnny will wind right back up in rehab…all because of his girlfriend, Colleen Crowley.

Despite the fact that her boyfriend just got out of a drug and alcohol rehab center on Saturday, Colleen has continued to go out and party with her friends. Now I know what you’re thinking – she’s young and hot, she can party if she wants – but Colleen has recently come under fire on her Instagram account because “significant others are the #1 reason that people fail outside of rehab,” according to one commenter. All because Colleen posted the following Instagram video two days after Manziel was released from rehab:

Some highlights include:

It makes sense if you think about it – if you’re fresh outta rehab for a meth addiction and all your friends are meth heads, do you think hanging out with them is going to help or hinder your addiction? Hinder, of course. Granted Collen Crowley isn’t addicted to meth and presumably does not have a drinking problem, however it’s probably not in Manziel’s best interest to be hanging out with Colleen at clubs and bars where he’s surrounded by alcohol.

That’s not to say that the two should break up, but for Manziel’s sake let’s hope her hard partying doesn’t cause him to backtrack on the progress he made in rehab.

[H/T Daily Mail, images via Instagram]