College Basketball Fan Pulls Hilarious Stunt To Save Seats At Vegas Casino To Watch March Madness

College basketball betting

Getty Image / George Rose

March Madness is officially here as the first college basketball game is set to tip off at 12:15 P.M Eastern.

This is one of the most exciting times for, not just college basketball fans, but also sports bettors.

With that said, one college basketball fan made sure to get good seats at a Vegas casino to watch the games. Check out this clip of this dude pulling out a sleeping bag on the betting floor.

This guy is absolutely dedicated. He could’ve gotten himself a hotel room. But why waste money on that when you have college basketball games to bet on?

Additionally, pulling out the sleeping bag like that guarantees his spot in the house. Make fun of this guy if you want, but he might be an actual genius.

Now, whether this dude was told to get out of the sleeping bag or was kicked out is unknown. It is Las Vegas after all. They usually don’t just let people sleep on the floor like that. Or anywhere other than a hotel room, for that matter.

Regardless, this guy tried it and we just hope he was able to get the sleep he needed before March Madness tips off. College basketball fans can’t help but respect this guy either.

Guy has that dog in him.

Well, this dude is sleeping on the floor. So, it’s different.

The first college basketball game tips off at 12:15 P.M. as Maryland takes on West Virginia.