Fans Are Wondering Why This Popular H-O-R-S-E Shot Isn’t Legal In College Basketball

A basketball rests on a gym floor.


Miami guard Nijel Pack made an incredible fadeaway shot on Sunday, but due to a little-known NCAA rule, it didn’t count. Fans are now reacting to the ruling made in the Hurricanes’ Elite Eight win over Texas.

Many believe the rule to be unnecessary, saying there’s no reason to take two points off the board when a player makes this difficult shot.

The rule in question has to do with a ball that is shot from behind the backboard. It’s something that everyone tries at least once in every game of H-O-R-S-E.

This weekend, though, we saw it attempted in a live game.

On Sunday, Nijel Pack made a ridiculous fadeaway jumper that sailed over the top of the backboard and in for the Hurricanes. At first look, fans believed it was an impressive two points.

Officials quickly waved the basket off, however.

The reason for the waving of the basket is due to a college basketball rule that makes the shot illegal. According to Rule 7.1.2 in the NCAA handbook, “if a rectangular backboard is used… it is a violation if the ball passes directly over the backboard.”

The ball becomes dead if it passes over the top of a rectangular backboard regardless of the action which causes it to pass over or whether it comes from the front or back of the plane.

As you can see in the replays of Pack’s shot, the ball does actually cross directly over the backboard before going into the hoop.

While the correct call was made by the referee, many college basketball fans are unhappy with the rule online.

Luckily for Miami, they didn’t need the extra two points as they left Kansas City with an 88-81 win over No. 2 seed Texas. The Hurricanes will face UCONN in the Final Four as the craziness of college basketball continues.