College Football Set For Another Massive Shakeup With Latest Big 12 Report And Fans Are Ready For It

College Football Set For Another Shakeup With Latest Big 12 Report

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  • USC & UCLA kicked off the college sports realignment by announcing their move to the Big Ten.
  • Now, the Big 12 is close to adding some more teams, primarily from the Pac-12.
  • This is bringing about all types of reactions from fans everywhere.

USC and UCLA surely changed the landscape of college sports by deciding to move to the Big Ten after the 2024 season.

While the Big Ten is reportedly waiting for Notre Dame to decide, it looks like the conference has made up its mind about adding some programs. In a recent report from Dennis Dodd of CBS, six teams are expected to be targeted — and all of them are from the Pac-12.

Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah were mentioned specifically as the teams being targeted by the Big 12, sources tell CBS Sports. There is also consideration of adding Oregon and Washington to make the Big 12 an 18-team league, the largest in the FBS.

There it is, pretty much what everybody was expecting. And surprisingly, Stanford appears to be a candidate to join the Big Ten as well.

Nonetheless, more massive changes are coming, and they could happen really soon.

The Big 12 Expansion Is Bringing About All Types Of Reactions

On the one hand, the Big 12 eyeing these Pac-12 schools makes a ton of sense. But, as others have suggested, the traveling and geographical nightmare will complicate things.

Colorado’s return to the Big 12 brought about some jokes as well.

Overall, things look to be receiving some clarity for the major conferences and this should move rather quickly. And, for all we know, the SEC, ACC, and other conferences are right behind in switching things up.

The college sports world as we know it has shifted dramatically in just a matter of weeks.