College Football Fans Are Sharing Their Best Hot Take Predictions For The Rest Of The Season

College Football Fans Are Sharing Their Best Hot Take Predictions For The Rest Of The Season
Somehow, many college football teams are already halfway through their regular season. It’s been a season to remember so far, with a ton of great games and finishes. There’s been a lot of coaches fired too, which has kept the sport even more exciting.

So, with the season nearing the halfway points, someone on Reddit thought it would be a great idea to start a thread asking people for their most feasible hot take predictions for the rest of the season.

Fans made some interesting and hilarious predictions

Reddit is a great place for this kind of stuff because there’s no barrier to entry. The accounts are free and you can just make one and post. But, you get a lot of informed people too, so it’s a good mix.

This is an interesting one. It probably won’t happen, but it could. Both Mississippi schools are playing well, and Alabama looks very gettable, especially if Bryce Young isn’t happy. Having an Egg Bowl with that much meaning is the stuff of college football dreams.

This one is wild on the surface but could definitely happen. Without Dillon Gabriel at quarterback, the Sooners go from average to very bad. And, there isn’t a lock win left on their schedule.

This one is really juicy. It’s wild to think about after Nebraska’s terrible start, but they currently are tied for first at 2-1 in the conference and they avoid Ohio State and Penn State. Yes, Michigan is very good and that’s likely a loss, but it’s likely whoever wins the division will also have two losses. Wouldn’t that be some story?

This one seems somehow likely. You wouldn’t have predicted it at the beginning of the year. But, UCLA looks like a solid to-15 team and USC is threatening to make the playoff. It would be an incredible conference finale for the two rivals and maybe the most important game in the rivalry’s history.

It will be exciting to see how it all plays out for the rest of the season.