College Football Fans Are Ecstatic About One Specific Change To The New College Football Playoff Format

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The college football world saw a drastic shakeup on Friday afternoon with the news that the College Football Playoff was expanding to 12 teams.

But at the time the news broke, very little else was known about the format. Since that time, more and more details have begun to trick out. One detail in particular has college football fans amped up to receive something they’ve been asking for for years.

First Round College Football Playoff Games To Be Played On Campus Of Higher-Seeded Team

Perhaps the worst thing about the last decade of college football has been the growth of neutral-site games. By now, neutral-site contests have been commonplace for marquee non-conference matchups. They ruin everything that’s great about college football and strip students of an opportunity to see big games in some of the best environments in sports.

The one thing that fans wanted to see if the College Football Playoff was to expand is at least one round of on-campus games. Now it appears fans are going to get their wish.

The top four teams in the College Football Playoff rankings will receive a first-round bye. Teams 5-12 will play one another, with the higher seeded team as the host. Fans were amped up about the possibilities.

Big Ten fans in particular are dreaming about the possibilities.

There is, however, one caveat. The higher-seeded team may opt to move the game to another site for whatever reason. That has some fans worried.

The first athletic director to move a playoff game off campus may end up getting carried off campus by an angry mob. Until then, we can all dream about the potential matchups.

Who doesn’t want to see Clemson at Michigan? Or Oklahoma at Penn State? The matchup possibilities are endless and college football fans are loving it.

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