College Football Fans Upset With Running Clock Rule Change After Week 0 Games

A referee makes a call during a game between Navy and Notre Dame.

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College football fans aren’t happy with the running clock rule change that’s been implemented for the 2023 season. Viewers got their first chance to see it played out on the field, and their already negative commentary on the change has been amplified.

While watching the season opener between Notre Dame and Navy, many raced to social media to post their opinions. The adjustment certainly accomplishes what was intended, but some believe it comes at the detriment of entertainment value.

The Fighting Irish and Midshipmen kicked off the 2023 campaign with a meeting in Dublin. That matchup quickly became a one-sided affair with Notre Dame racing out to a 28-0 first half lead.

They’d continue to pour it on after the halftime session, going on to win, 42-3.

The contest not only gave viewers their first taste of college football, but it also allowed them to see a new rule change firsthand. The NCAA introduced a running clock much like we see in the NFL.

Rather than having the clock stop after first downs as we’ve grown accustomed to in the college game, it now continues to run with exception taken inside the last two minutes of a half.

Many fans were already upset upon hearing about the change this offseason as it’s been in effect since 1968. They believed it would hurt the game, robbing it of its uniqueness when compared to the NFL.

Those fears were confirmed on the opening weekend.

The purpose, of course, is to shorten the game. Keeping the clock rolling cuts dead time throughout the contest.

It also makes drives eat up a bit more time, giving offenses less opportunity to run plays. That result hasn’t won many fans over as they’d prefer to see more fireworks, even if the game does take a little bit longer.

The first week of college football didn’t do much to change the minds of viewers.