College GameDay Is Hopping On The Colorado Bandwagon And Heading To Boulder

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There is no hotter commodity in college football right now than Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes.

Sanders and the Buffs proved the haters wrong in week one with a massive upset of the reining national runner-up, TCU.

“We told you we coming. We told you we coming. You thought we was joking, but guess what? We keep receipts,” Sanders said after the victory. ”

He also took a shot as ESPN reporter Ed Werder.

“What’s up, boss? You believe now?” the coach said, addressing Werder. As the reporter was about to reply, Sanders interjected: “Hold on,” he repeated multiple times before, again, asking whether Werder had converted to being a believer.

“I read through the bulljoke you wrote, I read through that, I sifted through all that,” Sanders said, alluding to Werder’s work previewing the team’s season. After asking once more whether he believed now, the eight-time Pro Bowler concluded: “You don’t believe. Just asking. You don’t believe. Next question.”

The win, and the show to follow, turned a number of heads

Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff show traveled to Boulder on Saturday to cover the Buffaloes’ game against Nebraska. But they’re not the only ones looking to get in on the action.

During Saturday’s episode of ESPN’s College GameDay, which took place in Tuscaloosa prior to the Crimson Tide hosting the Texas Longhorns, the show’s hosts inadvertently revealed that the show was going to Boulder in Week 3.

But that’s only if the Buffaloes knock off the Huskers on Saturday.

If they should do so, they’ll go into Week 3’s matchup with Colorado State with a 2-0 record for the first time since 2020’s COVID-shortened season.

The Buffs are back thanks to Coach Prime. And it seems like everybody is trying to get a piece of the action while they can.