College GameDay Will Be Getting A New Theme Song This Year

Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso

Getty Image / Wesley Hill

ESPN’s College GameDay is one of the integral parts of college football, and was something most of us grew up watching. Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit, and the gang have been going campus to campus for nearly 40 years now, and filling those anxious three hours right before games start getting underway each day. But, the song that we all relate to the show will no longer be the theme song this year.

That song, of course, is ‘Comin to Your City’ by country music act Big and Rich. It’s a perfect song for the show. Take a trip down memory lane to 2011’s version.

That ruled. It will always rule.

But, on Thursday, Big and Rich announced they would no longer be the theme song for College GameDay after sixteen years.

This is stunning news. What song could possibly replace this one?

I may play this song instead of whatever they pick on Saturdays.

To make matters worse, College GameDay is going to a a neutral site game week one, instead of a campus where it belongs. They will be at the UNC-South Carolina game in Charlotte.