Colorado AD Admits School Currently Doesn’t Have The Money To Pay Deion Sanders’ Salary

Deion Sanders press conference

Colorado athletic director Rick George landed a huge get in Deion Sanders, but now he has to figure out to get the money to pay his new coach.

Over the weekend, it was announced that Sanders was going to leave Jackson State to become the next head coach at Colorado.

According to college football reporter Brian Howell, Sanders signed a 5-year contract for $29.5 million which comes out to an average of $5.9M per year.

Sanders’ contract also includes some steep penalties if he decides to leave early and take another job.

On Sunday, George admitted that the school currently doesn’t have the money to pay Sanders’ salary but was sure that theY “will have it” soon.

It’s unclear how George will get the money to pay Sanders but fans had interesting reactions to his comments.

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