Colorado Has Fired Karl Dorrell And Some WILD Names Are Being Mentioned For The Job

Colorado Football Has Hit Absolute Rock Bottom As Coach Karl Dorrell Gets Dreaded Vote Of Confidence

Getty Image / Dustin Bradford

It’s was a disastrous tenure for Colorado football Caoch Karl Dorrell. After winning Pac 12 Coach of the Year in 2020, Dorrell has gone 4-15 in his last nineteen games. The Buffaloes started terribly slow this year, and Dorrell was clearly on the hot seat.

And, last night they lost to lowly Arizona 43-20 for their fifth straight loss to open the season. All five have been by at least 25 points and Colorado looks like possibly the worst team in the FBS this season.

Colorado finally fired Dorrell

It was time to make a change and Sunday afternoon Colorado did.

The program was circling the drain to the point that it might have started to hurt Colorado in conference realignment.

Colorado fans were fired up about the dismissal.

But a ton of Buff fans were asking for Athletic Director Rick George to be fired as well.

Regardless, they need to find a new head coach in Boulder.

Some wild names are being thrown out

Naturally, a lot of names are being floated.

Chris Vannini lays out some really interesting names. Some of those names may be unfamiliar. Walters is the defensive coordinator for a fantastic Illinois defense. Matt Entz is the head coach at North Dakota State. Brian Lindgren is the offensive coordinator at

This Buffaloes fan wants Rick Neuheisel to return. I’ve certainly heard worse ideas.

Of course someone has to throw in Urban Meyer’s name. People just cannot help themselves.

I can’t see why Dave Clawson would leave Wake Forest. But, if he did it would be a home run hire for Colorado.

This is already the fourth Power 5 job that has opened, with Nebraska, Arizona State and Georgia Tech. It’s going to be an all-time-fun coaching carousel.