Colorado Star Travis Hunter Stuns Fans With Amazing One-Handed Catch

Travis Hunter

Andy Cross/Getty Images

In a nice show of display of skill and athleticism, Colorado’s versatile star Travis Hunter left fans awestruck with a jaw-dropping one-handed catch during a pre-game warm-up session today.

Hunter, who plays a dual role as the starting wide receiver and starting cornerback for the Colorado football team, had already made headlines last week with his exceptional performance against TCU.

During the game against TCU, Hunter showcased his incredible talent by catching nine passes for a total of 119 yards on offense.

On the defensive end, he managed to snag an interception and contributed three crucial tackles, all while being on the field for an impressive 129 snaps.

As fans eagerly await the Colorado team’s matchup against Nebraska today, Hunter’s electrifying pre-game catches have only added to the excitement surrounding his extraordinary abilities.

With his remarkable skills on full display, Travis Hunter continues to be a standout player to watch, leaving fans and opponents alike in awe of his incredible talent.