Colorado Star Travis Hunter Chooses NFL Team To Play For

Travis Hunter

Andy Cross/Getty Images

In a spectacular debut performance for the Colorado Buffaloes, Travis Hunter, the two-way standout, made headlines with his play on the field as both receiver and cornerback.

After transferring to re-join Deion Sanders in Colorado, Hunter had a game to remember against No. 17 TCU, where he showcased his exceptional skills.

On Saturday, Hunter put up an impressive stat line, with 11 catches for 119 yards, one interception, three tackles, and a pass deflection, ultimately contributing to Colorado’s memorable 45–42 road victory.

But it wasn’t just his performance on the gridiron that had fans talking.

Prior to Week 1, Hunter made his NFL team preference known during the inaugural episode of his weekly BleacherReport talk show, “12 Talks.”

Travis named the 49ers as his favorite team but expressed desire to stick around in Colorado and possibly joining the Broncos.


Hunter however didn’t seem quite as thrilled about another potential destination: the Green Bay Packers.

“Everybody I talk to says I’m going to Green Bay, I don’t know why,” Hunter explained. “But Green Bay is cold. I don’t got a problem with the cold. Why I gotta go to Green Bay?”

Despite his less enthusiastic stance on the Packers, Hunter’s electrifying performance in his first FBS game has undoubtedly put him on the radar of NFL scouts, leaving football fans eager to see where this rising star will land in the not-too-distant future.