Colts Rookie QB Anthony Richardson Had To Be ‘Dragged’ Out By Security During Autograph Session

Anthony Richardson

Bryan Bennett/Getty Image

Colts‘ promising rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson, the 4th overall pick in this year’s draft, delighted fans today with an autograph session during the team’s training camp.

Richardson’s generosity reached new heights when he even parted with his cleats, fulfilling the requests of eager young fans.

Apparently Richardson’s autograph signing spree was eventually cut short by a team staffer, who had to intervene to get the rookie back on track.

It seems that Richardson’s affable nature and willingness to interact with fans had led to regular instances of security needing to pry him away from his adoring supporters.

ESPN’s Stephen Holder commented: “For context, this was practically an every day occurrence during camp. Team security having to drag Anthony Richardson away from signing autographs. So far, Richardson has been an A-plus human being.”

The 21-year-old quarterback’s approachable and friendly demeanor has not only earned him a reputation as an exciting player on the field but also as a fan-favorite off it.

The willingness to give away his cleats, an essential piece of equipment for any player, further showcased Richardson’s commitment to his supporters.