Indianapolis Colts Get Bad Injury News Ahead Of Big Week 2 Divisional Game

In week one, the Colts tied the Texans 20-20 in what has to be a disappointment, given the weakness of Houston. But, it was a great day for one of last year’s breakout wide receivers, Michael Pittman.

Pittman dominated the Texans’ secondary. He had 9 catches for 121 yards and a touchdown and was physically dominant. But, he picked up an injury in that game, and the news on it is not good.

Pittman missed an important Colts practice

Pittman is battling a quadriceps injury. That can be pretty problematic for wide receivers who need to be able to explode and change direction. He was limited in practice on Wednesday, but Thursday’s news was not good.

That doesn’t sound great for Pittman’s availability against the Jaguars on Sunday. Without him, the Colts’ passing game becomes significantly worse as no other wideout had more than three catches a week ago.

Twitter is reacting to the injury news

It’s not good news for Colts fans or Pittman fantasy owners. Not only could he miss this week, but injuries like that have the tendency to linger for a while and could cause issues down the road.

As I said earlier, the receiving options are not good at all if Pittman is out.

Bad injury news is already piling up for the Colts. DeForest Buckner also isn’t practicing, Shaq Leonard is beat up, and number two wideout Alec Pierce is also dinged.

@dmo_derek echoes a sentiment we all think at least once during the NFL season.

Hopefully for Indianapolis fans and fantasy owners alike, Pittman can find a way to play this weekend.