Colts GM Chris Ballard Gets Mercilessly Mocked By The Internet After Proclaiming ‘Rivalry Is Back On’ With The Patriots

It’s been a rough 24 hours for the Indianapolis Colts. At around this time yesterday they believed they had a new head coach when they hired Josh McDaniels, but unfortunately for them McDaniels had a last minute change of heart and the team is back to square one. Today, Colts GM Chris Ballard spoke to the media about McDaniels’ decision and declared war with the Patriots when he said the “rivalry is back on’ before abruptly walking off stage.


There was no persuasion,” the GM said. “Let me make this clear: I want, and we want as an organization, a head coach that wants to be all-in.” He later added: “I live in a black and white world. Either you’re in or you’re out. I didn’t want the explanation.”

Chris Ballard punctuated his impromptu news conference Wednesday morning with the message to the New England Patriots. “The rivalry,” the Indianapolis Colts general manager declared, “is back on.”

The Patriots and the Colts haven’t been much of a rivalry since Peyton Manning left the team. Of course the Internet had plenty of jokes about Ballard’s declaration. En