Colts All-Pro RB Jonathan Taylor Expected To Return Amid Ongoing Trade Desire

Jonathan Taylor

Justin Casterline/Getty Image

Despite his imminent return to training camp this week, Indianapolis Colts Jonathan Taylor remains resolute in his desire to be traded due to an unresolved contract dispute.

Coach Shane Steichen confirmed Taylor’s anticipated return to camp, stating, “He should be back this week. Do I know the exact date he’ll be back? No, but he should be back.”

However, Taylor’s return comes against the backdrop of a persistent contract standoff between him and the Colts.

ESPN’s Stephen Holder reported that the Colts have opted against entering into contract negotiations with Taylor, who clinched the title of NFL’s leading rusher in 2021.

With Taylor’s contract set to expire after the season, he made the decision to request a trade in response to the team’s stance.

Despite his trade request, Colts owner Jim Irsay publicly voiced his refusal to accommodate it, setting the stage for a protracted deadlock.

As Taylor returns to camp, he remains steadfast in his desire to be traded, casting a shadow of uncertainty over his future with the Colts, according to Holder.

The situation has generated a tense standoff between the player and the organization, and no clear resolution seems imminent.

The football world watches closely as the contract dispute unfolds, and the fate of Jonathan Taylor’s career continues to hang in the balance.