Commanders Purchase Takes Weird Turn After Brian Davis Explains Funding For His $7 Billion Bid

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Getty Image / Scott Taetsch

The bidding war for the Washington Commanders is ongoing, but it appears are taking a bit of a weird turn.

Many believe that Josh Harris and his group will eventually win the bid after offering $6.05 billion.

But, Brian Davis came out of nowhere with a $7 billion bid that has things on hold.

Now, Davis tries explaining where his funding is coming from and that’s when things got weird.

During a guest appearance on The Junkies radio show, Brian Davis was asked about his bid to possibly buy the Washington Commanders.

There is some speculation that a good portion of the money is being funded by the Middle East.

However, Brian Davis was quick to brush that aside. Instead, the former Duke basketball player claims the money is coming from American investors, per Pro Football Talk.

“That capital is coming from private investors who are located here in America who are domestic. I have a great amount of respect for the Saudi Arabian people and Arab people in Islam in general. I love them. But the money’s not Saudi Arabian and I’ve never been to Saudi Arabia in my life.”

Davis said that quote before his appearance on The Junkies. That’s when things got a little bit weird, as Davis made an odd statement that has NFL and Commanders fans buzzing.

It’s so obscure, that even Pro Football Talk had to make it clear that it’s not a fake quote from The Onion.

Is that not a weird thing to say? Football fans couldn’t help but react to Davis’ statement.

A lot of mafia jokes in the mentions.

Meanwhile, some fans believe the $7 billion bid can’t be taken seriously.

We’ll see what comes of it. Dan Snyder has been wanting well over $6 billion to sell the Commanders.

But will the team be sold to Josh Harris and his group, or Brian Davis and his group? Only time will tell.