Is This Guy Serious with His Comment That Ray Rice Was Just ‘Helping’ His Drunk Wife?

by 4 years ago

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I’m sorry, but when you post really stupid things like this on social media, you deserve to be called out.


Here are the facts: Rice has been indicted on aggravated assault charges. According to the police report, Rice and Palmer “struck each other with their hands at Revel Casino.” Rice’s attorney described has described the incident as a “minor physical altercation.” The TMZ footage suggests something much more sinister.

We’ll have to wait until the trial for surveillance tape to be released. Clearly the police and prosecutors have had a look, which render’s Chance’s claim that “there is no evidence” mute. In the meantime, the TMZ video is chilling.

Meanwhile, marijuana charges will still earn you a bigger suspension in the NFL than what Rice did. And that is complete bullshit.

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