If NCAA Tourney Experts Were Completely Honest, This Is How All Of Our Brackets Would Really Be Filled Out

This year’s NCAA tournament technically tips today with a few play-in games, but the real drama begins on Thursday, leaving us all tossing and turning and second-guessing our selections on all 20-something of our brackets. And because we all think that we’re knowledgeable and know what the fuck we’re talking about, we believe that we’ll be the one winning big cash and talking mad shit once we win our bracket challenge.

Even if you do happen to win anything from a tourney challenge, it won’t be because you know jack shit about college hoops, it’s just that you’re the luckiest son of a bitch ever, guessing better than anyone else—and this video from our friends at The Kicker perfectly describes how we all think while filling out our brackets.

So as we all scramble to fill out our brackets and write, erase, re-write which teams we think will advance, just know that in the end, we all know absolutely nothing about anything.

[H/T The Kicker]