Conor McGregor Picks A Side Between Floyd Mayweather & John Gotti, ‘The War Is On’

Conor McGregor

Getty Image / Stephen McCarthy

The exhibition boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III went off the rails in the final moments as an all out brawl took place in the ring after the fight.

It was a complete mess as chaos erupted after the referee stopped the fight due to both Mayweather and Gotti constantly cursing at each other.

In the aftermath of it all, Gotti called out Mayweather on Instagram, then tagged Conor McGregor asking for backup. The former UFC champ responded with a message of his own.

Gotti wrote in an Instagram story “Punk b****, Floyd Mayweather, you my enemy for life.” Then in a now deleted tweet, McGregor decided to back John Gotti, claiming “The war is on.”

It’s not really clear why McGregor is getting involved, but why not? It’s Conor McGregor.

Lately he’s been rather active, being seen at events across the world while talking trash.

Additionally, there are rumors that Conor McGregor could get back in the ring to face Floyd Mayweather again, which may answer why he’s backing John Gotti III to begin with.

Even so, we’re probably a long way from that. McGregor is supposed to take on Michael Chandler in the Octagon. But he must first clear six months of testing clean through USADA.

There are no reports that McGregor has even began testing yet. So, who knows what’s really going on in that department.

As for Gotti and Mayweather, the beef seems to be as real ever. Perhaps they’ll face off in the ring again at some point. But for now, things might need to cool down just a tad.