Conor McGregor Showed Up The Cowboys Game And Gave The Team A Pregame Speech A Week After UFC 229 Loss

Conor McGregor has been laying low after losing his fight to Khabib Nurmagedov last week. McGregor has been keeping such a low profile that not even his coaches have talked to him since the fight.


This may actually surprise you but I haven’t spoken to Conor since the fight

“We had a couple of texts back and forward. So, after the fight he went home. I went home as well. We were in separate houses. So I was there with Artem, Pete and Orlagh. We just stayed up Saturday night, chatting.

“There were a couple of texts back and forward with Conor – saying, oh I could have done this, I could have done that – then on the Sunday I ended up going out for a little bit with Dillon and a couple of guys from Paradigm.”

For whatever reason McGregor came out from hiding to give the Dallas Cowboys a quick pre-game speech on the field before their game against the Jaguars on Sunday.

The Internet was not kind to McGregor.

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