Conor McGregor Says He’s Canceling Fight With ‘Inbred Hillbilly’ Dustin Poirier Over Charity Donation Dispute

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The Dustin Poirier-Conor McGregor fight is apparently off after McGregor was called out for flaking out on a charity donation.

On Sunday night, Poirier accused McGregor of ghosting him after he asked McGregor’s team about the $500k donation the Irishman had promised to make towards his charity before their fight back in January.

McGregor responded to Poirier’s allegations by saying that he and his team were waiting for the plans on how the money was going to be used by the charity.

Poirier continued to claim that McGregor’s team refused to respond to his emails for months after the donation promise.

McGregor now says he’s not interested in fighting Poirier due to the allegations made against him.

This all feels like a publicity stunt to but we’ll have to wait and see if McGregor is actually being serious about pulling out of his fight with Poirier.