Conor McGregor Drops F Bomb During Interview With Sean Hannity On Fox News

Conor McGregor smiling walking to courtroom

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Conor McGregor was amped up during his appearance on the Sean Hannity show.

On Wednesday night McGregor spoke to Hannity about various topics, including how he was supposed to fight Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight after their boxing match.

“It was a verbal agreement. I box him, he fights me. But you know, he didn’t honor it,” McGregor said “Who knows? He could still do it. I would go against him in another boxing bout. I could always just say it’s going to be a boxing fight and then just bend the rules a little bit when we’re in there. Maybe, could be an option. I have thought about that.”

Later in the show, while donating a $1 million check from Proper 12 Whiskey to Frank Siller’s Tunnel To Towers charity, McGregor accidentally cursed and dropped the F-bomb.

Considering McGregor just donated a lot of money to a 9/11 foundation, no one really cared about his clip of the tongue.

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