Watch Conor McGregor Be A Complete, Unapologetic Dick To A TMZ Photographer

by 3 years ago

Conor McGregor is an unapologetic, arrogant, candid asshole of the very best kind. And I would never dare ask him to do it any other way. Because man, this is just artistic genius.

While most celebs usually play nice with TMZ now, McGregor was having none of it. Unless you find things like “mate, shut the fuck up and get away” to be endearing,

McGregor went on to rehash, “‘Memba that Jesus question you brought up? You’re an idiot.”

At least everyone knows where they stand when it comes to the unhinged human that IS Conor McGregor. But screw it man, I’ll take candor over cliche every which way to Sunday.

The stark temperature change from Conor’s first encounter with the same TMZ photographer is precisely why you have to LOVE Conor McGregor.

Ya’ just never know what ya’ gonna get, mate. Am I right, Conor?

If there’s one thing us Irish folk can understand, it’s that you nevah’ know the next mood that might be brewin’.


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