Here’s What Conor McGregor Told José Aldo Moments After Knocking Him Out At UFC 194

Sometime in between when he knocked out opponent José Aldo to become the new UFC featherweight champion and got busy shutting down a Vegas club for his victory celebration, Conor McGregor sat down for the obligatory I’M THE NEW UFC CHAMPION press conference with the media. Wore a really fresh suit, too.

For a guy who knocks people out for a living, McGregor is remarkably eloquent and made sure to give out his thanks to everyone involved in seeing Team Notorious through to UFC title success. After that, he opened up about what he actually said to José Aldo in the moments after the quickest knockout in UFC history.

Of beating José Aldo exactly like he predicted, Conor McGregor stated:

“Y’know, there was a lot of stuff said.

What I said was, ‘Look, we can go again.’

Although it’s a nice feeling to get the knock-out, it’s kind of not nice as well… I had a little moment where I felt sorry for Jose.”

But not sorry enough to want a rematch, right!? Please.

Asking a guy you just knocked out if he “wants to go again.” I love it. Aldo and McGregor better go again! And if you’ve got some time to kill, you can watch the entire post-fight press conference from UFC 194 right here: