Pro Sports Gambler Who Has Won Millions Tells Us The Keys To Betting (And Winning) On Daily Fantasy Sports

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When bros think about a dream scenario, I wonder where going from professional poker player to professional daily fantasy sports player would rank on the list, with stories and successes coming from them both? For Cory Albertson, he would know, because that’s exactly how his life has played out.

After realizing that he was pretty damn good at digging into statistical analysis and breaking down daily fantasy sports lineups with his playing partner Ray Coburn, Cory found himself winning millions of dollars while at the University of Notre Dame during his MBA program, even starring in a documentary on daily fantasy sports entitled Living The Fantasy.

I got to chat with Albertson to discuss how he landed himself in such a lucky spot, for tips on how a normal bro like you or I could, possibly, score some serious cash doing what he has done, and why he could totally give better advice than Matthew Berry.

BroBible (BB): I need to ask, how did you even get into playing fantasy sports so competitively?

Cory Albertson (C.A.): “I first started playing fantasy sports when I was in high school, so about 15 years ago, and it really just sort of clicked for me because I really loved stats and sports and competition. So it was really just natural for me to play daily fantasy sports when I first discovered it.”

BBAnd from that, it just sort of became a full-time gig?

C.A: “So I graduated last May from Notre Dame with my MBA and I think that, around the time I started really playing daily fantasy, it was about the same time that I started thinking about going to business school.

At the time, I didn’t think I was going to have nearly the success that I would have playing fantasy, so getting my Masters seemed like the very pragmatic thing to do.

It probably wasn’t until after I started that program that I realized just how lucrative a possible career in daily fantasy could be, and, at that point I was so committed to getting my Masters that I decided not to dropout, so those two years were pretty crazy—playing fantasy at a high level and getting my MBA—but somehow I got through it.”



BB: On average, how much time during a day do you spend updating fantasy or doing some sort of research?

C.A.: “You know, I used to spend a lot more time on it than I have lately. I think lately, especially since this NFL season is just about ending, that I’m winding down how much time on spending on daily fantasy, and there’s a couple of reasons for that.

The first reason is that the process for playing these sorts of games online is becoming easier and more automated, so it doesn’t take as much time as it used to do get the information I would need to play in these fantasy games.

And the second thing is that the games are getting tougher and there are a lot more people that are playing really well and are really good at playing daily fantasy, which wasn’t the case three or four years ago.

Because of that, the expectation for me to win in these daily fantasy games has gone down a lot, so I don’t spend as much time on them as I used to.”

BBInteresting, I would’ve thought it was a hell of a lot more time than that.

C.A.: (laughs) “Sorry, that was sort of a longwinded response to your question, but at my peak, I was probably spending about three or four hours playing per day for an NFL weekend, whereas now, it might be about an hour per day, potentially.

There are people who spend a lot of time on it, but I teamed up with a really smart guy and one of my best friends, Ray Coburn, and Ray has taken on a lot of the innovation in playing daily fantasy, so he’ll probably spend a little more time on it per day than I do.”

BBYou briefly mentioned how competitive daily fantasy has become over the past few years, so, with that, do you have any tips for people on what to look for when playing? Any expert secrets to become successful?

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