Canadian Open Tennis Match Interrupted Mid-Rally As ‘Cotton-Eye Joe’ Blasts Across Loudspeakers

Tennis star Jessica Pegula looks to the crowd for a reaction.

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The Canadian Open was interrupted in the most hilarious of ways on Saturday during a match between Jessica Pegula and Iga Swiatek. The 1994 hit “Cotton-Eye Joe” unexpectedly blared across the loudspeakers in Montreal mid-rally.

The hysterical moment instantly went viral as sports fans posted reactions on social media.

Pegula and Swiatek squared up in an important match Saturday afternoon as each looked to advance through the Canadian Open field. During an important set, the umpire had to stop a rally when pop-country song blasted throughout the stadium.

“Oh wow,” one broadcast crew member said. “Cotton-Eye Joe just came on mid-rally… Are we in Texas?”

The announcers also noted that it might’ve been detrimental to Pegula’s success.

The stoppage came just as Swiatek returned a volley from Pegula, which turned the world’s No. 1 player around. Rather than have an off-balanced Swiatek attempt to recover, the players were forced to replay the point.

Both parties appeared dismayed by the unanticipated disruption, as was the head official.

Fans, however, immediately lost it as they posted comical responses online.

Cotton-Eye Joe just came out. IM DEAD,” someone wrote.

Did not have ‘Cotton-Eye Joe Saves Swiatek’ on the Saturday sports headline Bingo card,” another follower posted.

If Iga wins, she’ll sing Cotton-Eye Joe every day till the rest of the season,” this person said.

When things settled down, the point was replayed. Swiatek would go on to win the tiebreak. Pegula, however, would regroup and go on to win to book a ticket to the Canadian Open final.

Jacob Elsey
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