Cowboys Brandin Cooks Takes Star Teammates, Including Micah Parsons, Flying In Seattle

Micah Parsons

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Image

Dallas Cowboys are taking their aerial game to new heights – quite literally.

Wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who apparently moonlights as a licensed pilot when he’s not catching passes, decided to up the ante by flying fellow teammates Stephon Gilmore and Micah Parsons over Seattle in a daring pre-preseason maneuver.

The camaraderie was captured on Instagram, showcasing Cooks confidently at the cockpit controls while Parsons and Gilmore marveled at the Seattle skyline from above.

Quoting his aspirations of contributing to the grand pre-game spectacle, Cooks cheekily captioned, “They need to let me do the flyover for the National Anthem.”

One can only imagine the reactions from both fans and players as they witness a player’s plane soaring above the stadium in place of the usual fighter jets.


In a light-hearted jab at the situation, Cooks quipped, “They let the wrong ones in the sky.” It seems Cooks is taking his new role as a sky-bound showman quite seriously, and we can’t help but wonder what his next airborne escapade will be.

As for Micah Parsons’ dream of disappearing to Africa, it looks like Cooks might have a new career opportunity on his hands – the NFL’s very own travel agency.