Cowboys’ Fan Goes Nuts After Win, Wants Girl In Room To Choke On His Dick, Take It In Her Ass


The end to the Cowboys-Lions game was drama-filled. From the non-call pass interference play to DeMarcus Lawrence’s fumble recovery fumble, it was enough to keep everyone on the edge of their seat. I imagine that clinching sack was pretty enjoyable for a Cowboys’ fan.

Actually, I don’t need to imagine, for we have video of this one fan going absolutely apeshit after a victory.

In fairness, ‘Shannon’ did say before the final play that the Cowboys would blow it, but I don’t know if that means she should have to suck this guy’s dick.

No one should have to suck this guy’s dick.

You can’t deny this man’s passion, however.

Also, as we sometimes do, we had a little fun with possible headlines in the chat room before settling on this one.

Do you think one of our editors is a Lions’ fan? MAYBE.

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