Cowboys Fans Angry As Joy Taylor Keeps Trashing Dak Prescott

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Joy Taylor is apparently not a big fan of Cowboys QB Dak Prescott.

In the past week, Joy has trashed Prescott several times even though the team is off to an 2-0 start.

In one of her recent rants, Taylor named several rival teams, and Prescott is holding the team back from an NFC championship.

“The 49ers, the Eagles, the Chiefs, Jerry (Jones), the Bengals, play calling at the end of the game, Dak, and to be clear, holding them back from a NFC Championship game. “Because you have to get to the NFC Championship and win that before you get to the Super Bowl.

“I get it. Every year is different. But it has been groundhog day for 28 straight years and there are reasons for that.”

In a separate clip, Taylor randomly took a shot at Prescott for being “the problem” for the Cowboys in the past.

This isn’t the first time Taylor has been critical of Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

Over the summer, Taylor went viral when she declared that Prescott wasn’t talented enough to make it to an NFC championship.

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“Dak Prescott is not that talented,” she continued. “He’s good enough to get a team to the playoffs. Kirk does that. He’s good enough to win a playoff game. Kirk does that. He’s good enough to have a high-flying offense, good regular season, win a division, and all those things are inherently good things. They make you a franchise quarterback. You will get paid doing that. You will get endorsements doing that. You’ll be the face of a franchise doing that. But we don’t have to talk about you as if you’re a Super Bowl contender.”

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