Jerry Jones Doubles Down On Not Paying Zack Martin & Cowboys Fans Are Furious

Jerry Jones and Zack Martin

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The Dallas Cowboys have been all over the place this offseason as all eyes on are Zack Martin and his contract situation.

Jerry Jones has refused to budge on giving arguably the best player on the team a new deal. And now, the famous team owner doubles down on where he stands.

According to a Cowboys insider at Sports Illustrated, Jerry Jones is taking a unique approach in how to handle Zack Martin’s contract dispute. Basically, the Cowboys owner is using a method we hear NFL head coaches use all of the time.

Jones wants the Cowboys to “move on without” Martin. Essentially, since the starting offensive lineman is not present in training camp, Dallas should just simply focus on the season and nothing else. Here is his full statement.

“You realize that not having him here, it could happen (via injury) on the next play. You got to put that one on and say you just move on here without him.”

That would make sense if Martin was injured. But he’s trying to improve his contract with the team.

As Sports Illustrated points out, Jerry Jones has been adament about not wanting to pay Zack Martin. His past comments prove he has other players in mind for the long term.

“It’s not about precedent, it’s about facts. We need the money to pay (Micah) Parsons (in the future). We need the money to pay the players that we got to pay in the future. That’s a fact.”

Despite that, Cowboys fans are just not happy with how Jones is handling this situation.

Finances seem to be the main concern for Jones.

The Cowboys have one of the longest Super Bowl droughts in the league.

Apparently, it’s not that easy.

For now, the Cowboys remain without Zack Martin and it appears Jerry Jones will not budge.

Additionally, Martin is paying for his absence, as he is being fined $50,000 for everyday he misses.

Someone has to give in at some point. If not, then maybe this is the last time we see Zack Martin in a Cowboys uniform.