Cowboys Triple Team Star Pass-Rusher Micah Parsons At Practice

Micah Parsons

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys decided to throw a triple-team party in practice today, and star pass-rusher Micah Parsons was the guest of honor.

Yep, you heard that right – they put not one, not two, but three blockers on All-Pro, trying to get him primed and ready for their Week 2 showdown against the Jets, via Clarence Hill of Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Coach Mike McCarthy spilled the beans on this unconventional strategy: “I think he’s handled it very well. I think he clearly understands the impact he makes for our defense, the opportunities he creates for others, he’s very much in tune with that.”

“Frankly, just to make him feel at home, we triple-teamed him today on the last play of game segment. It’s something he’s going to be dealing with the rest of his career.” McCarthy added.

Micah Parsons appears poised to face the Jets with better preparation, as the Cowboys look to secure a victory in Week 2 against Zach Wilson.