Craig Sager Has Spent A Truly Asinine Amount Of Money Betting On The Cubs Since 1981 (34 Years Of Losing Bets)

The one and only Craig Sager has been a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, and this year he finally got to see his beloved Cubby Bears win a World Series for the first time in his 65 years on this planet. Born in Batavia, Illinois back in 1951, Craig’s stayed true to the Cubs even when the team was a complete disaster. And unlike most fans who can say ‘I’ve always believed in the Cubs’ Craig Sager actually has proof that his faith has never waivered because he’s placed a massive wager every year since 1981 on the Cubs to win the World Series.

How much money has Craig Sager wasted over the years betting on the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series? He’s placed a $1,000 bet every year since 1981, a total of $34,000 in lost bets. But this year he finally got to cash in a winning ticket!!!

Going into the 2016 MLB Season the Chicago Cubs were actually the Vegas favorites to win the World Series despite their century-long drought. They Cubs and Giants were both 6/1 odds to win it all in 2016 followed by the Red Sox at 9/1. So Craig Sager’s bet this year, in theory, made a $6,000 dent in the $35,000 he’s bet on the Chicago Cubs every year since 1981.

I get the idea of just being a fan, and as a Tampa Bay Rays fan I’ve considered placing asinine bets like this at times just to make the season more fun. But at the end of the day you’re just throwing cash away. If your team is 150-to-1 odds at winning the World Series it’s probably not a good idea to bet on them because they suck ass and it’s a waste of money, not an affirmation of you being a fan. Go buy some new jerseys and put that money back into the team.

The Cubs are also the favorites to win it all next year with the 2017 World Series odds already being released. Chicago’s at +350 followed by the Red Sox and Dodgers at +900.

By the way, the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Parade is currently happening and earlier Steve Bartman said he would not be in attendance. He gave a truly legit reason for not attending, so if you’re curious you can just follow that link!

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