Fan Passes Out During Cricket Match, Everyone In The Stands Proceeds To Prank Him

An English man found himself the unfortunate subject of a prank after passing out during a Cricket match. The man was sleeping hard in the stands, presumably after a few too many Boddington’s, and the fans in the seats around him proceeded to stack cups, food, and anything else they could find on top of the man’s head while the sportscasters in the booth had a good ol’ laugh about it:

I’ve still yet to learn the ins and outs of Cricket but ‘trails by 572’ has to be very, very bad…right?

Here’s that clip from another angle, this shot gives you a glimpse at just how many people in the stands were fucking with this guy:

That stuff on his forehead…Is that mayonnaise or did a friend in the stands try to squirt him with some sunscreen and then wuss out when it came to rubbing the sunblock in? Because if that’s mayonnaise on his forehead someone needs to go to jail, that’s just disgusting.

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(via r/videos)

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