Cris Carter Advised NFL Rookies To Get A ‘Fall Guy’ To Cover Up Their Crimes

Last week during an interview with ESPN, former 49ers linebacker Chris Borland revealed that a certain Hall of Fame player advised him to get a “fall guy” during the rookie symposium.

Borland didn’t name the player who told him to get a fall guy in the piece but the Internet did a little searching and found this video on the NFL’s website of Cris Carter and Warren Sapp talking to rookies and giving them life lessons. In the video Carter can be seen telling players to make sure they have a “fall guy” in their crew just in case they get into trouble with the law.

Because all you guys aren’t going to do the right stuff. I need to teach to you how to get around all of this stuff too. If you have a crew, one of them fools need to know that they’re going to jail.

I know a lot of you aren’t going to drink, i know a lot of you aren’t going to use drugs but still get yourself a fall guy”

Considering that this video was approved by the league and put on the NFL’s website is not a good look for the NFL especially after the multitude of scandals they’ve had to deal with in the last year.


The NFL has issued a statement about Carter’s presentation at the rookie symposium:

This was an unfortunate and inappropriate comment made by Cris Carter during the 2014 NFC rookie symposium. The comment was not representative of the message of the symposium or any other league program. The league’s player engagement staff immediately expressed concern about the comment to Cris. The comment was not repeated in the 2014 AFC session or this year’s symposium.

ESPN also issued a statement:

We completely disagree with Cris’s remarks and we have made that extremely clear to him. Those views were entirely his own and do not reflect our company’s point of view in any way.

Cris Carter has now apologized for the remarks


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