Video Of A Cristiano Ronaldo Penalty Kick To The Face Will Make You Rethink Getting Those Expensive Seats

Cristiano Ronaldo is an absolute stud. Whether that means bending the ball anyway he’d like to on the pitch or snagging some total babe off of it, CR7 seems to do whatever the hell he wants to.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it was his goal to nail some poor soccer mom in the face with his penalty kick attempt during a recent match against Sevilla, but, sadly, that’s exactly what happened—and the video is fucking epic.

Imagine sitting there behind the goal when one of the best strikers in the world steps up to deliver a PK, it’d be pretty amazing. That is, until something like this happens—which makes me never want to shell out extra cash for the expensive seats at a sporting event again.

The good news is that the lady’s OK, via Twitter:

The description of the entire thing was posted on the lady’s YouTube channel, too:

Lucky enough to visit from Canada and see Real Madrid vs Sevilla. Not sure that Cristiano Rinaldo meant to welcome me with a black eye but this Canadian football fan will take the penalty kick to the face as an excellent memory from one of the best. What are the chances :). Wish I coulda kept the ball.

So, wait, you’re telling me that if I get clocked by a Cristiano Ronaldo shot and get a black eye because of it, I don’t even get a souvenir from it? That’s some bullshit!


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