Just A Woman And A Crow Enjoying A Washington Redskins Game Together

Reasonable minds can disagree about the name of the professional football team playing in Washington, DC. Some say the term “Redskins” is painfully racist. Others say it’s a tribute. No matter what side of the argument you fall on, we can all agree that having this debate hanging over the franchise could easily affect the ability to enjoy the actual games.

Unless you’re a crow. Then it’s probably pretty easy to sit at FedEx Field with an unburdened mind.

Why is this crow at a Redskins game? Wouldn’t he be more at home in, say, Baltimore?

DC Sports Bog reports:

We contacted the person who filmed this incident, who didn’t want his name used, because who wants a ton of phone calls about a bird video? He said in an email that Crow McCoy was poking around for food, and he chased it away. A few minutes later, he spotted the woman holding the bird, which he says she kept for about 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes!

It’s a damn shame the on-site memorabilia shop didn’t have a tiny jersey on hand for the crow. That thing would have looked straight up adorable in a Kirk Cousins jersey. It probably would have made better decisions, too.