People Were Doing Trust Falls At Cubs Rally, Except For One Guy Who Just Fell And No One Caught Him

Finally winning a World Series after a 108-year drought will make you do crazy things. Like trust falls.

Most of the people at the record-setting rally that had five million strong showed their support for the Cubbies by cheering, but some brave/dumb/passionate fans did trust falls off of an 18-foot statue sitting just outside of Grant Park. Because nothing shows how much you believe in your fellow Cubs fans quite like jumping off a high structure and putting your life in their hands, the same hands of complete strangers that have been pouring celebratory beers and liquors down their faces for the last 50 hours.

Miraculously it seems that none of the trust falls ended up like the closing act at a Gallagher show and nobody had their melons split open on the hard concrete.

And then there’s this kid who just fell off the light and no one caught him except the pavement.

And then there’s this spirited gentleman who ran naked through the streets of Chicago to show his support for the Cubs, which you can see here, if you really want to. It was a small show of support.