D-Generation X ‘Suck It!’ Is Slowly Taking Over Baseball

Rollins' behavior is not unusual. While the Attitude Era is long past, replaced by a WWE that doesn't come close to carrying the cultural cache it did in the late 90's, baseball players—and certain Jeopardy! champions—have admirably attempted to keep D-Generation X's signature move alive. Back in 2003, then-Red Sox pitcher Derek Lowe directed a very visible “Suck it” to the Oakland A's bench after clinching the divisional series title. (The ESPN report on the incident tries its damnedest to avoid describing what Lowe actually did, but it's worth a read for the thinly veiled description of a juiced-up Miguel Tejada utterly losing his shit in the lockerroom. “'Derek Lowe is going to be paid back for that sign,' Tejada screamed hysterically through the clubhouse, shouting expletives. 'My kid is in the stands. He's going to pay.'”)

And then, last week, Jayson Werth got into the fray, hitting teammate Ian Desmond with an arm chop that was caught by the local broadcast's cameras.


This is all pretty nostalgic and hilarious. And hopefully it'll continue as more and more guys around the ages of 20-25 enter the league. They are, after all, guys like us—guys who grew up watching Triple H and Shawn Michaels and the rudest dudes ever stalking the WWF ring, and if there is a group capable of bringing back this enormously popular cultural phenomenon, it's these former “Austin 3:16” shirt wearers. Let's get ready to suck it.

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