Dad Cries Tears Of Joy When Surprised With Tickets To See His Team Play For The First Time Ever

This must be the best surprise this father has ever received, judging from his immensely heartfelt reaction. The waterworks turned up to 100 when he was overcome with joy at the realization he was going to see the Mexican national team play in-person for the first time ever.


A Twitter user, @fcknmimi, decided to surprise her dad with tickets to Saturday’s CONCACAF Cup game between USA and Mexico. Despite being a lifelong Mexico fan, he has never seen them play in person, hence his tearful, almost disbelieving, reaction.

Apparently, the daughter was quite crafty in setting the whole thing up as well.

Perfectly executed surprise. Set him up to expect the worst, and then hand him something so meaningful like that. The thoughtfulness almost brings a tear to my eye, too. There’s no doubt this dad has the time of his life on Saturday.

[h/t BuzzFeed Sports]