Damian Lillard’s Sister Blasts Paul George For Getting A Stripper Pregnant, George’s Girlfriend Fires Back And Calls Her A ‘Cow’

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Family members are starting to get involved in the Paul George-Dame Lillard beef.

On Saturday both Lillard and George went back and forth on social media after Lillard missed a pair of free throws at the end the Clippers-Blazers game.

After the beef cooled down, Dame’s sister La’nae took to Instagram to shots at George and his girlfriend Daniela Rajic.

“You can’t talk, You got a whole stripper pregnant and then you wife’d the b****, look at her hips, look at her face…don’t, I’m getting personal with it

Rajic saw Dame’s sister talking trash and fired back.

They both need to get off social media before things continue to get ugly.