Chicago Sports Radio Host In Hot Water For Tweeting He Enjoys CSN Reporter’s ‘Giant Boobs’

Aiyana Cristal

Aiyana Cristal, Twitter

Last night, Dan Bernstein and Matt Spiegel, two sports talk show radio hosts on 670 The Score in Chicago showed why sometimes it’s better to just be quiet on Twitter.

Spiegel tweeted that CSN Chicago reporter Aiyana Cristal makes him feel uncomfortable when he watches her. Bernstein, a mainstay on the radio station, sensing an opportunity to do, I don’t know what, went with an observation about her boobs, because that’s a smart move.

Dan Bernstein Aiyana Cristal tweets

Dan Bernstein, Twitter

Spiegel responded, “I am probably distracted from them by her professional discomfort. It’s a crime.”

Then, rather than do the smart thing and (a) stop talking and/or (b) delete his “boobs” tweet Bernstein kept rolling, while eventually Spiegel, in what appears to be an effort to change the subject, says something about the Cubs. Bernstein, having none of that, was still laser-focused on boobs.

Dan Bernstein Aiyana Cristal tweets

Dan Bernstein, Twitter

Fast forward to this morning and Matt Spiegel has gotten the message loud and clear…

His followers appreciated his regret, but of course, were wondering why he was the one doing the apologizing while Dan Bernstein who has been on Twitter today has still said nothing.

Dan Bernstein Aiyana Cristal tweets

Matt Spiegel, Twitter

I think Michelle Beadle sums this whole thing up the best with regards to Bernstein.

Stay tuned.