Dan Campbell Believes The Detroit Lions Are Facing A Good Problem Ahead Of The Regular Season

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell

Getty Image / Grant Halverson

One of the toughest parts of the NFL season is quickly approaching for organizations around the league.

By Tuesday, teams will have to cut down to their official 53-man rosters for the regular season.

Some teams will be facing tougher decisions than others and it looks like the Detroit Lions are expecting to be one of those teams facing some difficult decisions.

After yesterday’s game, Dan Campbell revealed that he believes he is going to have to cut some decisions to make in the coming days that are a bit cloudy right now.

“In some regards it makes it clearer and in other regards it makes it cloudy,” Campbell said (via the Detroit Lions website). “That’s a good problem to have. But, man, it was good to see. Everything we talked about with the DBs and the receivers … I thought those guys played their hearts out and they really stepped up and made plays for us.”

He added that the Lions are going to have to cut some really good players this year.

“It’s tough,” Campbell said. “Here we are in Year 3 of what Brad and I have done and it’s getting that much harder. We are going to have to let go of some really good players. That’s tough. That’s tough to do. But it also means there’s growth and the talent level has gone up.”

It’s a new problem for the Detroit Lions to be dealing with.

Before Dan Campbell came along, the Lions’ problem was that they usually didn’t have nearly enough talent to compete at a meaningful level. That has been changing in a big way the past couple of years.

Now, players who spent the preseason with the Lions are fighting for the chance to play for a team that could end up winning the NFC North this year.

Unfortunately, there are going to be a lot of players disappointed over the next few days when they find out they won’t be a part of that push for a division title.