Dan Campbell’s Locker Room Speech After Upset Win Will Make You Want To Run Through A Wall

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  • The Detroit Lions won their second game of 2021 and head coach Dan Campbell was thrilled.
  • When he got into the locker room, Campbell gave an impassioned speech that will serve as a great substitute for your morning cup of coffee.
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The Lions have two wins in 2021. One of them, which came on Sunday, could not have been less expected.

In Week 15, Detroit pulled off the improbable win and beat the NFC’s top team, the Arizona Cardinals, by 18. They dominated in every facet of the game from start to finish.

Unlike their first win of the season, the celebration on the field was a little bit more subdued. However, the postgame celebration turned it up a notch.

When head coach Dan Campbell got into the locker room after the win, he gave an impassioned speech that will make you want to run through a wall.

“Hey man… Welcome to Detroit!”

Here is what Campbell had to say:

“Hey, I tell you what, we did everything we said we need to do to that team. We did everything. And I tell you what defense, you took it personal. Each three and out, man, and you guys are making them have to punt. We turn the ball over offensively, right? And then we, defensively—Amani (Oruwariye), two-four getting a turnover.

I’ll tell you what, offensively, man. We came after them early. We said we were going to be aggressive. We took some shots and we made them. We made our shots early and then we just started hammering them. Hell, our first drive was eight minutes man.

You guys are a tough, gritty group man. You’re a tough gritty group. You always have been. And now, you’re seeing it pay dividends. Man, look, a team gets one out, two out, we got multiple out, and multiple guys stepped up, and that’s what we’re capable of.”

Before you listen to Campbell’s delivery, be sure to put your helmet on. There is no guarantee that you will not put a human-sized hole through your drywall.

How can you not love Dan Campbell?!