Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert Reportedly Told An NBA Exec That He Can’t Wait Until LeBron James Leaves

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For the past 4 years LeBron James has held the Cavaliers hostage by signing one year contracts and not informing the team of his future plans. It seems like Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is fed up with LeBron’s b.s. and wouldn’t mind if Bron left because that way he would be able to regain control of the organization.

According to a couple of owners I’ve spoken to and a few executives I’ve spoken to, Dan Gilbert is known for not being particularly fond of LeBron James. He doesn’t mind the thought of LeBron James leaving at all. As a matter of fact, I had one executive tell me, “Excuse me, I can’t wait until he leaves, because I’ll get my team back.” This is something Dan Gilbert has actually echoed.

That is an exact quote from my sources that said that Dan Gilbert said that.

There have been plenty rumors about Gilbert and LeBron having beef this season but it always seemed like the Cavs owner was willing to put up with James’ diva behavior for the sake of competing for championships. Despite Stephen A’s report, it seems like the Cavs are still attempting to lure LeBron back to Cleveland by making a big trade this offseason.

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