Cleveland Cavaliers Pull Dan Gilbert’s Comic Sans Letter from Website, So LeBron James’ Return is Practically a Done Deal

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert didn’t wait long after LeBron James announced his decision to take his talents to Miami before posting a borderline insane rant against his former employee. Since 2010, the iconic Comic Sans letter has remained intact on the team’s website, providing great joy for anyone wishing to read the ramblings of a person who didn’t wait to press “send.”

Until today.

The letter has been removed as rumors of James’ return to Cleveland build.

/Cue the alarm, people. Stuff is really happening here.

James’ agent is reportedly pushing his client to return to the site of his former glory, and the existence of this particularly awkward piece of writing stands in sharp contrast to the message of open arms the Cavs will surely tell.

Then again, it’s not like simply removing the rant will make LeBron forget it ever happened.

Still, I guess every little bit counts when you’re Cleveland. That is definitely one city not too proud to beg.