Dan Orlovsky Gets Lit Up For His Scorching Hot Take On The Eagles

Dan Orlovsky

Get Up / ESPN

Dan Orlovsky is getting lit for his scorching hot take on the Philadelphia Eagles, and rightfully so. Eagles fans and NFL fans are taking exception to what the former Lions QB had to say.

Orlovsky went on ESPN’s Get Up to try and contextualize what this Super Bowl means to the Eagles squad. A lot of people in his mentions are saying he’s overreaching. There are Eagles fans complaining that the media’s flipflopping on Philly is never ending and then there are realists who are like ‘what the heck is he talking about?’

ESPN’s Get Up is a panel with multiple hosts who are constantly engaged in a battle of oneupmanship. They are contsantly fighting for the next big sound byte that goes viral on Twitter or Instagram but Orlovsky is generally pretty good with his analysis. That’s why these comments about Philly seem like such a reach.

Dan Orlovsky: if the Eagles don’t become a dynasty it’s a disappointment

Bro, the Chiefs aren’t even close to becoming an NFL dynasty yet. You could call them an AFC dynasty but Patrick Mahomes has only won ONE Super Bowl.

The only legitimate dynasty the NFL has seen since the 1990s is the New England Patriots. That’s it. That’s the entire list.

Orlovsky saying it’s a “disappointment” if the Eagles don’t go on to become a dynasty is reaching too far. It would be a shame if the Chiefs don’t actually become a dynasty given the neverending hype surrounding Patrick Mahomes’ career.

Fans in Orlovsky’s mentions were letting him hear it.

Maybe the ‘dynasty’ discussion can start in 2 years but the Eagles have a lot of work to do between now and then:

Orlovsky’s just the guy to say it this year, I guess.

Huh? Everyone has this energy for the Chiefs. This is called living in a bubble.

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