Dana White Claims Conor McGregor And Michael Chandler Have Real Beef But Fans Aren’t Buying It

Dana White

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

The new season of the Ultimate Fighter is currently being filmed with Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler as the coaches.

Going into it, there seemed to be some respect from each fighter. Well, Dana White claims that’s no longer the case after what happened over the weekend.

During an interview, the UFC President claimed that both McGregor and Chandler basically hate each other now. Dana White states that “things escalated quickly.”

Additionally, it sounds like the two may have gotten into a physical altercation. Here is White talking about the incident.

We won’t exactly know what happens until the show airs. Additionally, you’d think an altercation like this between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler would drum up some interest.

Instead, UFC fans aren’t buying what Dana White is selling. In fact, most fans think the beef between the two superstar fighters is fake.

White is a businessman. So it’s not crazy to think he loves these altercations.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Ultimate Fighter got popular thanks to its dramatic flare.

Even though the beef might be fake, we’re still hoping to see Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler go toe-to-toe in the octagon.